Monday, October 26, 2009

At Lego Land

Jared's Graduation Day

The happy family!

Aaron surrounded by Aubrey, Louie, Sariah and Isaac. They had so much fun being with cousins.
Sariah and Aubrey running to the beach! They wanted to spend as much time as the could on the beach even though it wasn't very warm. Luckily we had a hot tub to run to when we got too cold!

Peterson Reunion at the Beach House

The night Adam proposed to Stephanie on the Beach.

Aaron went on a work trip to Alaska with Bryan and Ronn. He saw bald eagles, mountain lion, active valcano and had the best Halibut fish and chips ever. Standing by Lake Kenai.

A Valentine surprise from my Honey! It arrived all separate and I got to arrange it myself.

Valentine Surprise from my Honey
Typical Aubrey silly face!

Sariah's baby teeth before she lost the two bottom center teeth.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday we went to church with Grandpa and Grandma Belka.

The Easter Bunny brought Sariah and Aubrey new Sunday shoes and a chocolate bunny!
The night before we made Easter cookies. Each ingredient told a part of the Easter story. Then you put the cookies in the heated oven and turn it off and leave the cookies in all night. In the morning we took out the cookies and cut them open and they were hollow inside. This represents the tomb where the Savior was laid. It was empty too because He was resurrected.


For Easter we got together at Mom and Dad's church on 5600 West in West Valley. We had a wonderful Easter Lunch and the kids got way too much candy from the Easter Eggs hunt. It was a lot of fun!

6 Year Anniversary Getaway

The first hike as we entered Zions was Canyon Ridge. It was a short hike to this beautiful view of Zion National Park.

This was the Emerald pools hike. There are three parts. Upper, middle, and lower pools.

This is the middle pool.

This is the upper pool.

This is the lower pool.

For our 6 year anniversary Aaron and I took a getaway to Zions National Park. Thanks to the help of Shellie and Clay for watching Sariah and Aubrey for three days and two nights. We had a great time. The weather was cool and perfect for hiking. This picture was taken on the way down from Angel's Landing. We didn't go all the way to the top because of ice and Stacie was worried for our lives so we stopped at the chains. The views were gorgeous.
We celebrated the February birthday with Belka's. Grandma and Grandpa Belka are on the 26th and 23rd. Aunt Monica is on the 7th but we celebrated hers earlier.

Aubrey's Birthday

Aubrey turned four on Febuary 17th. She has become so picky about what she wears each day that getting dressed has become such a chore. So we decided to take her shopping for her birthday to pick out what she would like to wear. This is what we came up with.