Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sariah turned five on December 27th. We celebrated her birthday with her cousin Briggs who turned two on the 29th. She is so excited to be five because that means she will go to kindergarten in the Fall. She got a backpack for her birthday in preparation for then.
She was excited about having a pinata and as you can see with her tongue out in concentration she really got into it.

Sariah and Aubrey were very excited when they found the jeep Santa left them.

Aubrey wasn't quite so sure about sitting on Santa's lap. She made sure Santa knew about bringing the Jeep, but she was also careful not to let go of mom.

Sariah sitting on Santa's lap at our ward Christmas party. She was sure to ask Santa to bring a Jeep.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peterson Family

Hello! We have officially joined the blogging world! Here is a picture of our family. Sariah will be turning 5 on December 27 and is very excited for that. It means she finally gets to go to kindergarten next fall. Aubrey is 3, going on 16, and just got her leg cast off today! But...it doesn't mean much, because she can't really do anything active yet. She still walks on her toes and looks like she has leprosy.

Disneyland Trip

This October, Aaron's work took us to Disneyland. It was the company's 30-year anniversary, so they wanted to do their annual user's conference somewhere special. I think we joined the company at the right time!