Monday, October 26, 2009

At Lego Land

Jared's Graduation Day

The happy family!

Aaron surrounded by Aubrey, Louie, Sariah and Isaac. They had so much fun being with cousins.
Sariah and Aubrey running to the beach! They wanted to spend as much time as the could on the beach even though it wasn't very warm. Luckily we had a hot tub to run to when we got too cold!

Peterson Reunion at the Beach House

The night Adam proposed to Stephanie on the Beach.

Aaron went on a work trip to Alaska with Bryan and Ronn. He saw bald eagles, mountain lion, active valcano and had the best Halibut fish and chips ever. Standing by Lake Kenai.

A Valentine surprise from my Honey! It arrived all separate and I got to arrange it myself.

Valentine Surprise from my Honey